Know-how about treatments

The most frequently used crop care in the trees consist on removing sick and broken shoots, branches and boughs. Are manufactured as pre-operations other treatments.

In gardening they are also used trim corrective treatments aimed at eliminating defects crown, improve stability of tree or prevent broken.

They aim to eliminate the risks to residents caused by the tree. These treatments are: shortening of height, relieving branches, statics correction by offloading part of the crown, removing abnormal branches and excessive thickening crown.

It is often necessary to remove healthy boughs or branches, and even the tops of trees. Corrective trimming have nothing in common with the care of trees, although often at the same time removed deadwood. In a radical way is rarely used and important here is the aim of these procedures.

Care treatment reducing density of the treetops is performed to tree use better the light, had better living conditions and development.

Technical trims in the trees, used in construction, along transport routes, power lines and telecommunication should be carried out in accordance with the art of gardening.

– When you should cutting trees?

Coniferous and deciduous trees can be cut throughout the year, except for species: birch-tree, hornbeam, maple, which cutting the living part of the tree should be performed after the leafage in the months from June to September.

In species: walnut tree, hickory, Pterocarya Kunth cutting are made in the period from 15 July to 15 August.

It is allowed to change the cutoff date “species crying” – depending on the climatic conditions of the year. In each case the start time of cutting is determines by the leafage.


June 2024